Sunday, April 21, 2013

Changes in 0m5 prerelease

Reverted compiler and toolchain to gcc3, not gcc4

Uprev openjdk to 7u17

Add tcl and tk

Rebuild python with --enable-shared, add tkinter

Build Python 3.3.1

Add samba4

Add java-developer overlay, includes ant

Update git

Rebuild most of the gnu utilities

Update flex to 2.5.37

Update ant to 1.9.0

Update ImageMagick to 6.8.3-10

Replace pkgs.zlib by a directory of zap packages

Repackage neon, rrdtool, gettext, various codecs to trim documentation

Firefox 20.0.1

BIND 9.9.2-P2

Update libgcrypt to 1.5.1

Update binutils to 2.23.2 (reverted for release)

Add sphaero pctlife jattack and the java-fun overlay

EFL 1.7.5; enlightenment 0.17.1, and --disable-curl to improve

Update gsf to 1.14.26

Add gnupg 1.4.13

Repackage librsvg, libwnck, afterstep, vte, Terminal, ristretto, gpicview

Update pixman to 0.28.2

Update pekwm to 0.1.15

Update wmaker to 0.95.4

Add some extra wmaker themes

Build OpenEXR, openexr overlay, available from the repo

Add retro-desktop-extras overlay, contains awm, pekwm, openbox,
fluxbox, available from the repo

Update wireshark to 1.8.6

Rebuilt mrxvt