Friday, October 24, 2014

Changes in 0m12 prerelease

Zone templates: sparse root zones using an alternate file system to the
global zone.

Python3 update to 3.4.1

Python2 update to 2.7.8; syminks fixed; location just tied to 2.7

Rebuild gcc to fix visibility problems

Rebuilds with gcc4 and against updated libffi: glib2 dbus-glib
libnotify libwnck librsvg gtk pango atk libnice libsoup gdk-pixbuf
gtkspell goffice gnumeric emacs libsigcpp glibmm cairomm pangomm atkmm

Update poppler to 0.26.4

Update gimp to 2.8.14

Update node to v0.10.32

Add Anti-Grain Geometry

Add lynx

Add mutt

Add libmng

Fix jack cleanup in zones (missed user_attr)

Add xboing (try with -speed 1)

Add xgalaga

Update inkscape

Update tomcat8

Add qemu

Zap create-zone -U for sharing accounts with a zone

Update bash

SVR4 packaging no longer depends on openssl or wanboot

JDK updates

Shortcut for zap to update or verify all installed overlays

Fix and update ProjectLibre

Update firefox (31.2.0esr)

Update thunderbird (24.8.1)

Add thunderbird 31

Update curl to 7.38.0

Update openjpeg

Update zsh

Add rcs

Update gnu grep, m4, tar, coreutils, gdb, gawk, nano

Add ISC dhcpd

Simple zap search

Update mercurial

Update samba to 4.1.12

Updata groovy, jruby, scala

Update rsync

Package catalogs have sizes and checksums

Update xscreensaver

OpenSSL 1.0.1j

Remove /usr/bin/on