Saturday, February 20, 2021

Changes in 0m24.1 prerelease

 The ISO is now hybrid, so may boot via USB

Tribblix will boot as a bhyve guest

Bhyve handles illumos guests much better

The illumos ksh updated to 93u+ 2012-08-01

Improved bhyve integration

Many python module updates

Update jdk16 to 16+36

Update jdk15 to 15.0.2

Update jdk8 to 8u282

Update openssh to 8.4p1

Add subversion 1.14.0

Update bind to 9.11.28

Update botocore to 1.20.7

Update boto3 to 1.17.7

Update awscli to 1.19.7

Update s3transfer to 0.3.4

Update Shibboleth SP to 3.2.0

Update Node to v10.23.3, v12.20.2, v14.15.5

Update pctlife

Update sphaero2

Update wxWidgets to 3.1.4

Update Emacs to 27.1

Update Django to 3.1.7

Update BorgBackup to 1.1.15

Update Slony to 2.2.10

Update Python to 3.8.7

Update pg_back to 1.10

Update pgBadger to 11.5

Update pgFormatter to 5.0

Add prowler

Add cloudsec overlay

Add LXTerminal 0.3.2

Add ee

Add ec2-metadata

Update Zabbix to 4.0.27

Add Pale Moon browser, update to 29.0.1

Update Go to 1.14.15, 1.15.8

Add Go 1.16

Update the CA bundle

Update sudo to 1.9.5p2

Update meson to 0.56.2

Update tomcat to 8.5.63, 9.0.43, 10.0.2

Update PHP to 7.4.15

Update curl to 7.75.0

Update socat to

Update xterm to 366

Update wapiti to 3.0.4

Add Xarchiver 0.5.4

Patch gcc to use the illumos ssp, not its own

Update postgres to 13.2, and make it 64-bit

Update postgres to 11.11, 12.6