Sunday, March 3, 2013

Changes in 0m4 prerelease

Update version to 0.4

Add openbox to retro-desktop

Add gimp overlay

Update and rebuild poppler

Add inkscape overlay (not on the iso)

Update firefox to 19.0

Update bash, tcsh, zsh

Add gdb to the develop overlay

Add monitoring overlay - rrdtool, fping, mtr, tcpdump, libpcap, wireshark

Add tls overlay to rationalize dependencies

Add libglade

Add xscreensaver

Added nss and nspr headers to the develop overlay

Update gstreamer

Add pidgin and dependencies

Updated curl to 7.29.0; add libidn

Add evince

Update orage to 4.8.4

Add xfce datetime plugin

Add cups

Include more headers

Include more fonts

Add openjdk 7u14

Add jkstat/kar/jproc/solview and dependencies

Add kitchen-sink overlay to save typing

Changes in 0m3 prerelease

Update version to 0.3

gcc update - runtime and compiler, to 4.7.2

Updated binutils to 2.23.1

Add Enlightenment E17

Update gdk-pixbuf, adding gdk-pixbuf-xlib

Rebuilt packages for m4, flex

Remove PCTtwmplus

Add TRIBsys-xopen-xcu4 TRIBsys-xopen-xcu6 TRIBsys-scheduler-fss
TRIBcurl to the live image; remove base-extra overlay

Don't put scratch+squeak on the iso

Firefox 18

Fixed pbzip package so that pbzcat exists

Added some additional drivers to the miniroot

Illumos rebuilt, includes LZ4

Changes in 0m2 prerelease

Update version to 0.2

Update zip to 3.0; unzip to 6.0

Added xfce-screenshooter

Added leafpad

Added xfce-extras overlay, which adds some Xfce applications with
additional dependencies

Add nge, ixgbe driver to base

Remove ce driver (Illumos doesn't have it)

ON based on a direct Illumos build, not proxied via OI

Fix generation of the man (text/doctools) package; added it to base

Added server-manage overlay

Fix .bashrc and .profile for root and jack

Further tidy the ISO.

Editable files are marked as such

Add rdesktop, less, ghostscript, imagemagick

Update glib2, pixman, gdk-pixbuf

Update firefox to 17.0

Add an overlay for MIT Scratch

Rebuilt pekwm, awm

Added git

Changes in 0m1 prerelease

Added TRIBsys-lib-iconv-utf-8 to the base

Moved xsvc from the base to the x11 overlay

Moved xz, p7zip from the base to the develop overlay

Added TRIBsys-lib-math-header-math, TRIBlib-perl-5-xml-parser, zsh,
cdrtools, xslt, pbzip2, emacs, and prerequisites to the develop overlay

Added volmgr, cdrw to retro-desktop overlay

Rebuilt AfterStep 2.2.11; it and prerequisites added to retro-desktop

Created all-locales overlay

Updated version to 0.1

Update the scripts in TRIBsys-install-media-internal; no longer need
solarismisc.zlib; don't lofs mount /jack and /root

Updated the gnome desktop caches to reflect the current build and

Trim /usr on the ramdisk; found something based on the joyent list that
will work

The script unpacks packages in /tmp, not /var/tmp,
allowing the ramdisk to be quite a bit smaller

Don't copy /sbin, /kernel, /lib to the iso - they're already in the
ramdisk so don't need to be duplicated.

Correctly set up /dev; some directories were missing.

Rebuilt glib and pixman; now use my versions rather than importing from
OI. Everything built above them is freshly built, but glib and pixman
were essential to HAL and Xorg.

Xfce initial build - essentially works, but new users can't save the
panel configuration

Add cmake to develop overlay

Added a selection of xfce panel plugins

Add gpicview