Sunday, March 3, 2013

Changes in 0m4 prerelease

Update version to 0.4

Add openbox to retro-desktop

Add gimp overlay

Update and rebuild poppler

Add inkscape overlay (not on the iso)

Update firefox to 19.0

Update bash, tcsh, zsh

Add gdb to the develop overlay

Add monitoring overlay - rrdtool, fping, mtr, tcpdump, libpcap, wireshark

Add tls overlay to rationalize dependencies

Add libglade

Add xscreensaver

Added nss and nspr headers to the develop overlay

Update gstreamer

Add pidgin and dependencies

Updated curl to 7.29.0; add libidn

Add evince

Update orage to 4.8.4

Add xfce datetime plugin

Add cups

Include more headers

Include more fonts

Add openjdk 7u14

Add jkstat/kar/jproc/solview and dependencies

Add kitchen-sink overlay to save typing

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