Sunday, March 3, 2013

Changes in 0m2 prerelease

Update version to 0.2

Update zip to 3.0; unzip to 6.0

Added xfce-screenshooter

Added leafpad

Added xfce-extras overlay, which adds some Xfce applications with
additional dependencies

Add nge, ixgbe driver to base

Remove ce driver (Illumos doesn't have it)

ON based on a direct Illumos build, not proxied via OI

Fix generation of the man (text/doctools) package; added it to base

Added server-manage overlay

Fix .bashrc and .profile for root and jack

Further tidy the ISO.

Editable files are marked as such

Add rdesktop, less, ghostscript, imagemagick

Update glib2, pixman, gdk-pixbuf

Update firefox to 17.0

Add an overlay for MIT Scratch

Rebuilt pekwm, awm

Added git

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