Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Changes in 0m17 prerelease

Add CMake 3.5.0, CMake 3.4.3, retire older

Update qemu to 2.4.1

Update zsh to 5.2

Update icinga2 to 2.4.3

Update redis to 3.0.7

Add Zabbix

Add SWIG 3.0.8

Fix zlib build

Our own illumos gcc

Update node to 0.10.45, 0.12.14

Update node to v4.4.4 LTS

Add node v5.11.1 Stable

Add node v6.1.0 current

Update gdb to 7.11, and 64-bit

Remove tomcat6

Update tomcat7 to 7.0.69

Update tomcat8 to 8.0.33

Update postgres to 9.4.6

Add postgres 9.5.1

Update mosh to 1.2.5

Fix curl includes for 32/64-bit

Update gettext to 0.19.7

Update curl to 7.47.0

Update Python to 2.7.11

Add Python 3.5.1

Update apache httpd to 2.4.18

Update libpcap to 1.7.4, 64-bit

Update netperf to 2.7.0

Update mercurial to 3.7.2

Update git to 2.8.0

Update links to 2.12

Update s3cmd to 1.6.0

Add lensfun 0.3.2

Update iso-codes to 3.62

Update intltool to 0.51.0

Add pciutils 3.4.1

Update libtool to 2.4.6

Update automake to 1.15

Add expect 5.45

Update xz to 5.2.2, and 64-bit

Update Groovy to 2.4.6

Update flex to 2.5.39

Update haproxy to 1.6.5

Add jq 1.5

Zones code cleaned up

Add gdbm 1.11

Update less to 481

Add pkgsrc bootstrap kit

Add seqtest

Fix pekwm build, add some themes

Fix maven, update to 3.3.9

Update WindowMaker to 0.95.7

OpenJDK 8 up to 8u92

Default java is now jdk8

Add nghttp2 1.5.0

Add supervisord 3.1.3

Fix fuzzing CVEs in unzip

Update php to 5.6.21

Update xscreensaver to 5.34

Update wireshark to 2.0.2

Update ogg, vorbis

Add libao, vorbis-tools

Update Archive::Zip to 1.53

Update samba to 4.3.8

Update squid to 3.5.17

Update gnu grep to 2.24

Build our own nss/nspr

Upgrade nss/nspr to 3.22.1/4.12

Build our own TigerVNC, update to 1.5.0

Add gkrellm 2.3.5

Update fossil to 1.34

Update libxcb

Update the ca bundle

Add unbound 1.5.8

Build libpng ourselves, update to 1.4.19

Update solview to 1.2

Update projectlibre to 1.6.2

Update rabbitmq to 3.6.1

Add graphviz 2.38.0

Update doxygen to 1.8.10

Add the awesome window manager, update to 3.5.9

Add net-snmp 5.7.3

Replace SunSSH with OpenSSH

Update OpenSSH to 7.2p2

Add aalib

Update nano to 2.5.2

Update gimp to 2.8.16

Update coreutils to 8.25

Fix libxslt CVE-2015-7995

Update nmap to 7.12

Add a2ps 4.14

Automate proxy zone creation

Add gftp 2.0.19

Update openssl to 1.0.2h

Update pcre to 8.38

Add libxkbcommon 0.5.0

Update i3 to 4.12

Update xfce4-screenshooter to 1.8.2

Update xfce weather plugin to 0.8.7

Update xfce eyes plugin to 4.4.5

Add xfce4 dictionary 0.7.2

Update Erlang to 18.3, and 64-bit

Add Thunderbird 38

Update firefox to 38.6.1esr

Added our own firefox build (45.1.1)

Update ocaml to 4.02.3, and shared

Add stunnel 5.28

Update etcd to 2.2.5

Build jpeg ourselves, switch to libjpeg-turbo

Update BIND to 9.9.9

Add FreeGLUT 3.0.0

Update GO to 1.5.4

Add gox

Add go 1.6.2

Update fping to 3.13, add fping6

Update wine to 1.8.1

Add JRuby 9k

Update JRuby to 1.7.24

Update ruby to 2.2.4

Add ruby 2.3.0

Update rsync to 3.1.2

Update memcached to 1.4.25

Add htmldoc 1.8.29

Update libreoffice to

Add glew 1.13

Add caddy 0.8.0

Add vulcand

Update ISC dhcp to 4.3.4

Add leofs

Add agedu

Add PHP7, update to 7.0.6

Add sniproxy

Update findutils to 4.6.0

Add consul

Update wget to 1.17.1

Add LibYAML 0.1.5

Update ffmpeg to 2.8.6

Update libxml2 to 2.9.3

Update pkg-config to 0.28

Build our own expat

Fix 64-bit includes for gmp

64-bit libs for nettle gnutls gcrypt gpg-error

Add urxvt 9.22

Update clojure to 1.8.0

Add privoxy 3.0.24

Update nginx to 1.10.0

Add Zint barcode generator

Add glm (OpenGL Mathematics)

Add appres, editres, listres, viewres

Add oclock, xedit

Add djview4

Add Xfce calculator plugin

Update texinfo to 6.1

Add snappy 1.1.3

Add leveldb 1.18

Build freetype ourselves, update to 2.6.3

Add log4cplus 1.2.0

Add pound 2.7

Add libedit

Add varnish 4.1.1

Update openttd to 1.5.3

Add ClamAV 0.99.1

Add c-icap 0.4.2

Add spread toolkit 4.4.0

Add wackamole 2.1.5

Add ucarp 1.5.2

Add pen 0.32.0

Add Xapian 1.2.22

Update CUPS to 2.1.3

Add NumPy 1.10.4

Improve zap search

Update bluefish to 2.2.8

Update geany to 1.26

Update gpicview to 0.2.5

Update mbuffer to 20160228

Update joe to 4.2

Update jedit to 5.3.0

Update irssi to 0.8.18

Update iperf to 3.1.2

Update scons to 2.4.1

Add libfastjson 0.99.2

Update rsyslog to 8.17.0

Split out vim GUI

Add ploticus

Update scala to 2.11.8

Update exiftool to 10.13

Add SDL2 and friends

Add OpenAL

Add physfs

Add modplug

Add shibboleth SP stack

Add gphoto2 2.5.10

Update rrdtool to 1.5.6

Add aria2 1.22.0

Signed package support

Add hitch 1.2.0

Update motif to 2.3.5

Add claws-mail 3.13.2

Update ant to 1.9.7

Update ImageMagick to 6.9.3-10

Add gpgme 1.6.0

Add Steel Bank Common Lisp

Add xfishtank

Add libarchive 3.2.0

Update subversion to 1.9.4

New over_install.sh script