Friday, October 23, 2020

Changes in 0m23.2 prerelease

 Released early for the SSH/PAM security fix

Refresh of the X server stack

Update libpciaccess and scanpci to 0.14.0

Update mesa to 13.0.6

Update Xorg to 1.16.4

Add the VirtualBox video driver

Update argcomplete to 1.12.1

Update Xfce to 4.14

Update groovy to 3.0.6

Update vte to 0.42.5

Update xfce4-terminal to

Update ant to 1.10.9

Update openjdk 16+21

Update Zabbix to 4.0.25

Update PHP to 7.3.23

Update Django to 3.1.2

Update botocore to 1.18.9

Update boto3 to 1.15.9

Update awscli to 1.18.150

Update meson to 0.55.3

Update links to 2.21, and enable graphics

Update R to 3.6.3

Tidy up the xserver-common package

Tidy up the openbox install

More modules for python 3.8

Update goffice to 0.10.48

Update gnumeric to  1.12.48

Update ristretto to 0.10.0

Update Thunar VCS plugin to 0.2.0

Update evince to 3.30.3

Update libexif and exif to 0.6.22

Update ExifTool to 12.07

Update libnice to 0.1.17

Update farstream 0.2.9

Update Pidgin to 2.14.1

Update pidgin-sipe to 1.25.0

Update Python 3.8.6

Add Python 3.9 for testing

Update ruby to 2.7.2

tkinter now split out for python3, to reduce dependency sprawl.

Update rust to 1.47.0

Update Node to v12.19.0, v14.13.1

Add qvwm

Add netsurf browser 3.10

Update tomcat to 8.5.59, 9.0.39, 10.0.0-M9

Add sakura 3.5.0

Update gperf to 3.1

Update Go to 1.14.10, 1.15.3

Update SQLAlchemy to 1.3.20

Update sqlparse to 0.4.1

Update freetype to 2.10.4

Update the CA bundle

Update openjdk 8u272

Update openjdk 11.0.9+11