Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Changes in 0m16 prerelease

Update curl to 7.44

Update bind to 9.9.8

Firefox 38

Add fossil scm

Update git to 2.5.3

Fix evince

Add xlsextensions xlsvisuals

Add netperf iperf

Add Mosaic

Add gopher, gophervr

Add IcedTea for firefox java plugin

Add pv (pipe-viewer)

Update tomcat6 to 6.0.44

Update tomcat7 to 7.0.64

Update tomcat8 to 8.0.26

Update jruby to 1.7.22

Update scala to 2.11.7

Add maven 3.3.3

Update qemu to 2.4.0

GO 1.4.2

GO 1.5

Add lzip tools

Update fluxbox to 1.3.7 (with custom menu)

Update openttd to 1.5.0

Update Python3 to 3.4.3

Update Tcl/Tk to 8.6.4

Update the ca-bundle

Add harfbuzz-icu back

Update gawk to 4.1.3, and 64-bit

Update nano to 2.4.2

Update cups to 2.0.2

Update samba to 4.2.3

Add Domination (Risk-like game)

Update node to 0.10.40, 0.12.7

Add node v4.1.1

Add tmux 2.0

Update wine to 1.7.48

Update CDE to 2.2.3

Update xscreensaver to 5.33

GnuPG refresh, add GnuPG2

Gnutls update (and dependents)

Update wireshark to 1.12.7

Update emacs to 24.5

Add Xcoral

Update mtr to 0.86

Add GGobi 2.1.11

Update ffmpeg to 2.6.3

Update xfce equake and clipman plugins

Add xfce notes plugin

Update xdaliclock to 2.43

Update libpcap, tcpdump

Update mercurial to 3.5

Add Python Imaging Library 1.1.7

Add readline 6.3

Update erlang to otp_17.5

Add postgresql 9.4.3

Update vim to 7.4

Update p7zip, and ship our  own copy

Ship our own bzip2, update pbzip2

Add scons 2.3.4

Update gzip to 1.6.0, add pigz

Update firefox 31 to 31.8.0esr

Add more libsdl libraries

Add smpeg

Add dash

Add memconf 3.07

Add OCaml 4.02.1

Add yasm

Add mplayer

Add LLVM/clang (experimental)

Add ncurses

Add multitail

Add xclip

Update gmake to 4.1

LibreOffice (and prerequisites)

Add rtmpdump

Add memcached

Update Python to 2.7.10

Add istatd

Add libical

More libraries shipped as 64-bit

Update ant to 1.9.6

Update openbox to 3.6.1

Add cdpr 2.4

Update nginx to 1.8.0, enable tls/sni

Update R to 3.2.2

Add doxygen

Update fltk to 1.3.3

Add xdiskusage 1.51

Add tig 2.1.1

Update collected to 5.5.0

Add alien zones

Add unrar

Add jomic

Update openssl to 1.0.2d

Update php to 5.5.29/5.6.13

Add mcrypt

Add mcrypt to php

Update gtkmm and dependencies

Update inkscape to 0.91

Add haproxy 1.5.14

Add freecol

Update cmake to 3.2.3

Update groovy to 2.4.4

Add perl 5.22, make it the default

Add check 0.9.14

Add blkdev to base

Add golint

Update intltool to 0.50.2

Add dconf 0.24.0

Add MATE desktop

Add dillo 3.0.5

Add blank zones

Check overlay validity in create-zone

Add python setuptools

Add s3cmd 1.5.2, boto 2.38.0

Update lynx to 2.8.8

Add links and elinks browsers

Add EC2 API tools

Add xsol (Solitaire in Motif)

Update irssi to 0.8.17

Update joe to 4.0

Update jEdit to 5.2.0

Update texinfo to 6.0

Update libidn to 1.32

Update screen to 4.3.1

Update zsh to 5.0.8

Add Icinga

Add rabbitmq

Add redis

Update subversion to 1.7.21

Add libxdg-basedir

Add gobject-introspection

Add bzr

Add etcd

Update/fix openntpd

Add xless

Update rcs to 5.9.4

Update less to 458

Update live555

Add jcifs

Add sharutils 4.15

Update xfce task manager to 1.1.0

Update Orage to 4.12.1

Fix unzip cve, enable bzip2

Add lcms2 2.7

Add exiftool

Add exiv2 0.25

Update openjdk8 to 8u60

Add cacerts to openjdk

Update hicolor-icon-theme to 0.15

Add Tango icon theme

Add gtk engines

Update dia to 0.97.3 (which works)

Add extra shapes to dia

Update libsoup to 2.50.0

Add gssdp, libgee, gupnp

Add vala

Add libmediaart

Add rygel

Update thunderbird

Update nmap

Update gsl to 1.16

Update qt4 to 4.8.7

Update qiv to 2.3.1

Update rrdtool to 1.5.4

Update flac to 1.3.1

Update ruby to 2.2.3, 2.0.0-647

Default ruby is now 2.2

Update mutt to 1.5.24

Add variant of SLiM for desktop login

Update tcsh to 6.19.00

Update DHCP to 4.3.3

Add wxWidgets 3.0.2

Add xshisen

Update some core xfce components

Add Xfig

Add scribus

Remove motif, e19 from the ISO to save space

Update liberation fonts

Have open make from illumos

New separate packages for as and sccs

Optimize the live image

Improve upgrade

Build our own libxml2, zlib, libxslt

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Changes in 0m15 prerelease

Update and fix wget

Fix gnu grep wrappers

Update node

Update tomcat7, tomcat8

Update glib

Update firefox

Update ruby

Update groovy

Update scala

Update openjdk 7 and 8

Update curl

Update and fix wget

Update OI baseline to 151a9

Changes in 0m14 prerelease

Add sparc as a first class citizen

Build xz ourselves

Update git

Update rdesktop

Update tomcat6, tomcat7, tomcat8

Update groff

Update subversion

Update wget

Update groovy

Update firefox

Update node

Update zsh

Update tcl/tk

Update qemu

Update wine

Add openntpd

Update python

Update curl

Update fluxbox

Update icewm

Add slang and jed

Add dateutils

Update openbox

Ruby updates and add 2.2.0

Update jruby

Add mawk

Update bash

OpenJDK 7u75 and 8u31

Update gdb

Update jattack, sphaero2

Update apache httpd

Add maven

Update thunderbird

zap copy-repo

Add i3wm, libev, yajl

zap verify-overlays checks package versions

Add jdiskreport

Add ctwm, tvtwm, vtwm, piewm, amiwm

Add tribblix-session

Deprecated some old package versions

Update windowmaker

Add swapsize option to live installer

Add e19

Add mbuffer

Add collectd

Carry keyboard selection through to installed system

Update libnice, farstream

Update pidgin

Remove pidgin from the kitchen-sink (and the iso)

Update bind

Split xfce-mixer and parole into xfce-media overlay

Update bluefish

Update pekwm

Add nasm

Update php

Update ffmpeg

Update djvulibre

Add squid

Update fping

Add rsyslog

Xfce 4.12

Add gtksourceview and mousepad

Update emacs

Update libidn

Add nginx

illumos-build now uses apache22

Update ghostscript

Update libpcap, tcpdump, nmap

Add boot-server overlay

Add legacy-audio overlay

General overlay cleanup


Update bison

Update gpatch

Openssl 1.0.2a

Legacy openssl in a separate package

Ship 64-bit tcsh

Don't ship tpm by default

Remove smb and stmf from the base