Saturday, August 17, 2013

Changes in 0m7 prerelease

Update Python to 2.7.5

Update gdk-pixbuf, atk, glib

Repackage libcroco, libnotify, goffice, gnumeric, evince, libnice,
farstream, gstreamer

Update gimp to 2.8.6

Don't copy the save/pspool area into zones

Add rsync

Update Ant to 1.9.1, include ivy, jsch, and svnant

Update cmake to 2.8.11

Add Ruby

New develop-extras overlay, with additional developer tools served from
the repo; package jruby, scala, clojure

Update pidgin to 2.10.7

Add irssi

Add nmap

Update parole to 0.5.1

Update BIND to 9.9.3-P1

Update wireshark to 1.10.0

Update curl to 7.31.0

Update gawk to 4.1.0

Perl 5.18.0 (not yet as the default perl)

Add xplanet

Update cups to 1.6.2

E17 update - EFL 1.7.7, enlightenment 0.17.3

Add tomcat6 and tomcat7 overlays

Update illumos

Zone brand scripts cleaned up

Firefox 22

Support install to ufs

Fix installation logging