Sunday, March 3, 2013

Changes in 0m3 prerelease

Update version to 0.3

gcc update - runtime and compiler, to 4.7.2

Updated binutils to 2.23.1

Add Enlightenment E17

Update gdk-pixbuf, adding gdk-pixbuf-xlib

Rebuilt packages for m4, flex

Remove PCTtwmplus

Add TRIBsys-xopen-xcu4 TRIBsys-xopen-xcu6 TRIBsys-scheduler-fss
TRIBcurl to the live image; remove base-extra overlay

Don't put scratch+squeak on the iso

Firefox 18

Fixed pbzip package so that pbzcat exists

Added some additional drivers to the miniroot

Illumos rebuilt, includes LZ4

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