Thursday, November 28, 2013

Changes in 0m8 prerelease

Update BIND to 9.9.3-P2

Perl 5.18.1

Ruby updates - 1.9.3p448, 2.0.0p247

Update curl to 7.33.0

Update enlightenment

Update firefox to 25.0.1

Update openjdk to 7u45

Changes needed for pxe boot and network install: is
now in /root; wget added to the base install; several files migrated
into the boot archive; dependency on cdrom layout minimized

Add ttya and ssh options to grub menu

Update ant to 1.9.2

Add ProjectLibre (in repo)

Build USB image

Add motif, nedit, and xephem

Add wine (in repo)

Add tkdiff

Update cups to 1.6.4

Update samba to 4.0.11

Update glib to 2.36.4

Update libgsf to 1.14.28

Update python - 2.7.6 and 3.3.3

Remove dia, as it crashes at startup

Add default and timeout to installed grub menu

Package files are now versioned

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