Monday, September 1, 2014

Changes in 0m11 prerelease

Uprev and repackage bison to avoid stomping on yacc

Repackage binutils so illumos-build can find gas, gld, gobjcopy

Uprev libffi, and build it directly rather than import from OI

Restructure overlays for dbus and glib

Add kerberos to networked-system

CARDIGAN - can set domain name at install time

CARDIGAN - begin, finish, and first boot scripts

Update boehm-gc

Add zile editor

Update openssl, and build it directly rather than import from OI

Package thunderbird

Illumos packages passed through transform step

Transform: enable dns in nsswitch for nis, ldap, and default

Transform: allow boot without SVM package

Transform: remove ipkg zone brand

Transform: move finger to SUNWcs

Remove legacy-services from the kitchen-sink

Add sendmail to networked-system

Update tomcat6 and tomcat7

Add tomcat8

Add groovy 2.3

Add scala 2.11

Update node

Retro-desktop installs more complete audio support

Update firefox

Update jruby

Update ant

Update curl

Update wget

Update nmap

Update rdesktop

Update subversion, rebuild neon

Update e17

Update clojure

Update ca-bundle

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