Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Changes in 0m13 prerelease

Update node to v0.10.33

Update bind to 9.9.6

Update samba to 4.1.13

Python 3.4.2

Update giflib

Update luajit

Update fontconfig and build it ourselves

Add libart

Add/update harfbuzz

Update cairo

Update pango

Update wget

Update wireshark, add wireshark-qt

Update gtk3

GCC update to 4.8.3 and add gccgo

Zap upgrade

Update qt4

Update boost

Add tali

Abiword 3.0.0

Ship 64-bit copies of bash, zsh, ggrep

Update scala, tomcat7, tomcat8

Add R

Add xcowsay

Add bluefish

Zap: refresh replaces refresh-overlays and refresh-catalog

Zap: install understands aliases

Zap: search aliases

Zap: zap-upgrade marker

Update pidgin

Update mysql

Update xfce weather plugin

Add texinfo

Add php

Update apache httpd

Add amp overlay

Add go (but not cgo, unfortunately)

Add gnuplot

Add gstreamer1

Add openttd

64-bit libsdl

Update qemu, fixed, with sdl

Fix ata driver postinstall

Update gpatch, ggrep

Update xfce plugins: systemload equake

Update pixman

Add xchat

Remove machid and friends

Remove news(1)

Remove cachefs

Remove lint libraries

curl 7.39.0, and 64-bit

Fix 5421

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