Thursday, July 6, 2017

Changes in 0m20.1 prerelease

First micro (update) release milestone 20.1

Add an LX variant (aka omnitribblix)

Update node to 6.11.0 8.1.3

Update irssi to 1.0.3

Update php to 7.0.21

Update memcached to 1.4.37

Add Lynis

Add python gnureadline module

Add Commix

Update suricata to 3.2.2

Add perl Net:SSLeay module

Add nikto2

Add security overlay

Update pkgsrc to 2017Q1

Add 64-bit pkgsrc

Add python pytoml module

Add python dulwich module

Add python urllib3 module and prereqs

Update bind to 9.11.1-P2

Update curl to 7.54.1

Update jruby to

Update wine to 1.8.7

Update libfastjson to 0.99.5

Update rsyslog to 8.27.0

Update meson to 0.41.0

Update mutt to 1.8.3

Update pigz to 2.3.4

Update jmespath to 0.9.3, botocore to 1.5.71

Update awscli to 1.11.108

Add container-transform

Add maven 3.5.0

Update leofs to 1.3.4

Add vnc2flv

Update haproxy to 1.6.13

Package up a repo server

Update fvwm to 2.6.7

Update setuptools

Update nmap to 7.50

Update exiftool to 10.57

Update Django to 1.11.2

Update libgcrypt to 1.7.8

Update openssl to 1.0.2l

Update expat to 2.2.1

Update pv to 1.6.6

Update fping to 3.16

Add quilt 0.65


  1. `shutdown` seems to be complaining about no '/usr/sbin/wall' - shouldn't that be part of the SUNWcs(u) package?
    also there's no way to install the old unix `talk(d)`. but even though we use, it it's a really minor gripe..

    lx zones work as expected so far, will have to test more. are you planning on continuing this lx branch now that omnios is pretty much nuked?

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    I thought we (or omnios) had fixed shutdown, I remember reviewing the changes to shutdown so that wall was no longer required.

    You can get talk(d) back via

    zap install TRIBsvc-net-network-servers

    although we'll probably remove that at some point. (Basically we're discouraging all the rpc-based services now.)

    The LX stuff will continue. OmniTI may have stepped away, but OmniOS CE have picked up the pieces and are pressing ahead.

  3. that's great news.. : )

    there's one more small thing - TRIBshell-zsh is broken. the default $MODULE_PATH is set to /usr/lib/zsh/$VERSION but there's nothing there. it was working on m18, so probably just a packaging oversight.

  4. I'm not sure what's up with zsh. It's not packaging, zsh itself disables the modules in the build, so I need to find a way to coerce it to build itself correctly.

  5. Hi, I'm also missing wall, not only for shutdown command. Can I get back it?

  6. If you really need wall, probably the best way is to take a copy off an older system.

    1. yes, that was my solution. Anyways I'm getting rid of it.