Thursday, March 7, 2019

Changes in 0m20.6 prerelease

Update josm to 14760

Update curl to 7.62.0

Add libusb 1.0.22

Update apache httpd to 2.4.38

Add FOX toolkit 1.6.57

Add openjdk 8u181

Add openjdk 8u191

Add openjdk 8u201

Add openjdk 7u191

Update php to 7.2.16

Remove php 5.6 as it's no longer supported

Update wine to 3.0.2

Update elk stack to 5.6.14

Update node to v10.15.0, v8.15.1, v6.17.0

Update subversion to 1.9.10

Update firefox to 52.9.0esr

Package repo now available over https

Add Azure VHD utilities

Add augeas 1.10.1

Update openssh to 7.7p1

Update cmake to 3.11.4

Update pgpool-II to 4.0.2

Remove postgres 9.5

Update repmgr to 4.2

Add OpenSP 1.5.2

Update Illumos SMF and Zones perl modules

Add lxadm 0.1.6

Update shibboleth SP and components to 3.0.3

Update zabbix to 4.0.5

Zabbix now uses postgres 11 and php 7

Update llvm/clang to 4.0.1

Update meson to 0.49.2

Update mercurial to 4.7.2

Update memconf to 3.14

Add Berkeley DB 5.3.28

Add Postfix 3.3.3

Update mutt to 1.10.1

Add cpuid 1.6.4

Add pgbadger 10.3

Zap create-zone can delegate a zfs dataset

Update bind to 9.11.5-P4

Update postgres to 9.6.12, 10.7

Update lynis to 2.7.1

Update commix to 2.7

Update nikto

Update jruby to

Update dbus to 1.10.26

Update dbus-glib to 0.110

Update pgbouncer to 1.9.0

Add autoconf-archive 2018.03.13.0

Update groovy to 2.5.6, drop older groovy

getent can now handle the attr databases

Update samba to 4.9.4

Update tomcat to 9.0.16, 8.5.38

Remove tomcat7

Add openjdk9

Add maven 3.6.0, drop older maven

Add openjdk10

Update slony to 2.2.7

Update go to 1.10.8

Add go 1.11.5

Many X11 components rebuilt

Update expat to 2.2.6

Update xscreensaver to 5.42

Update ghostscript to 9.26

Add PyMySQL 0.9.2

Add SQLAlchemy 1.2.12

Add temBoard 2.0

Add python psutil 5.4.7

Add python msgpack 0.5.6

Remove pycrypto

Add pycryptodome 3.7.3

Add ecdsa 0.13

Add dnspython 1.16.0

Update Jinja2 to 2.10

Update tornado to 5.1

Update mkdocs to 1.0.4

Update s3cmd to 2.0.2

Update botocore to 1.12.74

Update pyasn1 to 0.4.5

Update urllib3 to 1.23

Update boto3 to 1.9.74

Update boto to 2.49.0

Update awscli to 1.16.84

Update git to 2.19.1

Update dcraw to 9.28.0

Update openssl to 1.0.2p

Update help2man to 1.47.7

Update htop to 2.2.0

Add openjdk11

Update wireshark to 2.2.17

Add rust 1.29.1

More Xfce desktop wallpaper

Update squid to 3.5.28

Update vtwm to 5.5.0

Update scala to 2.12.8

Update gupnp to 1.0.3

Update Django to 1.11.20, 2.1.7

Update clamav to 0.100.2

Enhance dependency validation

Add dnsmasq 2.79

Update mysql to 5.6.43

Update zsh to 5.6.2

Update plan9port

Update seaweedfs to 0.97

Update Erlang/OTP to 20.3

Update LeoFS to 1.4.2

Update rabbitmq to 3.7.8

Add pgFormatter 3.3

Add Ajqvue 2.10

Add PostgreSQL 11.2

Many python module updates

Update python 3.7.2

Add python 3.7 versions of most  modules

Update ruby to 2.4.5, 2.5.3

Add ruby 2.6.1

Update libarchive to 3.3.3

Update libX11 to 1.6.7

Update Barman to 2.6

Update pg_back to 1.6

Update duviz to 1.1.0

Update poppler to 0.56.0

Update libspectre to 0.2.8

Add LibRaw 0.19.0

Update python-dateutil to 2.7.5

Python 3.6 removed, python3 is now 3,7

Update gnupg to 1.4.23

Update gnupg2 to 2.2.11

Update libgpg-error to 1.32

Update libgcrypt to 1.8.4

Update gpa to 0.10.0

Update gpgme to 1.12.0

Add simplejson 3.16.0

Add pycurl

Add jsonrpclib 0.1.7

Update etcd to 3.3.0

Add SWI Prolog 7.7.20

Add gcc 7.3.0-il-1 as a shadow compiler for illumos-gate

Update perl DBI to 1.642

Update perl DBD-Pg to 3.7.4

Add perl DBIx-Safe 1.2.5

Update nss+nspr 3.40+4.20, add 64-bit pc files, ship certutil

Update psycopg to 2.7.7

Update Radicale to 2.1.11

Update libxcb to 1.13.1

Add jansson 2.11

Add pmd 6.9.0

Add graudit

Add SpotBugs 3.1.8

Update pciutils to 3.6.2

Add gnu parallel 20181122

Add Bucardo 5.5.0

Add idnkit 2.3

Update nginx to 1.14.2

Add ActiveMQ 5.15.8

Update lynx to 2.8.9rel.1 [Thanks to Matt Lewandowsky]

Revert ImageMagick to 6.x [Suggested by Matt Lewandowsky]

Update Inkscape to 0.92.3, and make it work again [Thanks to Matt

Add nicstat

Update icinga to 2.8.4

Update colorama to 0.4.1

Update skew to 0.17.0

Add wheel 0.32.3

Update irssi to 1.2.0

Update sudo to 1.8.27

Add skopeo

Update xdaliclock to 2.44

Add bitmap 1.0.9

Update xcursor-themes to 1.0.6

Update joe to 4.6

Update unbound to 1.9.0

Update xcalc to 1.0.7

Update xclock to 1.0.8

Update xev to 1.2.3

Update xfsinfo to 1.0.6

Update fslsfonts to 1.0.5

Update fstobdf to 1.0.6

Update xwininfo to 1.1.4

Update xvinfo to 1.1.4

Update xlsatoms to 1.1.3

Update xdriinfo to 1.0.6

Update xdpyinfo to 1.3.2

Update rdesktop to 1.8.4

Update Domination to 1.2.0

Update xstdcmap to 1.0.4

No longer ship the old Sun colormap tools

Update libfontenc to 1.1.4

Add go 1.12

Add rclone 1.46

Update minio client

Update ctwm to 4.0.2

Add msgpack-c 3.1.1

Add groonga 9.0.0

Replace PIL with Pillow

Update HarfBuzz to 0.9.42

Update Pound to 2.8

Update vulcand

Update Python to 2.7.16

Fix the multicast nce DoS vulnerability

Fix the ELF panic vulnerability


  1. Hi Mr Tribblix, I have Sandybridge PC (intel hd 3000) which I want to install Solaris. At least I'd like to have accelerated graphics support.

    From OI releases I know that 2016.10 has usable intelhd support but at the same time it drop 32-bit kernel. I like to be able to run it on 32-bit VM too (just in case). Which 32-bit Tribblix version suit me the most?

    Also it seems hipster use GCC, does Tribblix still use Solaris Studio? because I want to run some oracle free software (binaries) if possible.

    Thanks for keeping SVR4 alive

  2. I see that tribblix has abiword, gnumeric and dia. Adding glom, imagination (, and grisbi would complete the lightweight suite.