Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Changes in 0m22 prerelease

GCC 7 by default

There's a new nawk in illumos

Starting to clean out python2 pmodules

Support UEFI boot

GPT partitioning by default

Update bind to 9.11.16

Update nasm to 2.14.02

Update subversion to 1.9.12

Update Jinja2 to 2.10.3

Update tqdm to 4.41.1

Update texttable to 1.6.2

Update pytz to 2019.3

Update phonenumbers to 8.11.4

Update curl to 7.68.0

Update bcrypt to 3.1.7

Update dulwich to 0.9.15

Update pytoml to 0.1.21

Update pycurl

Update xwininfo to 1.1.5

Update ConfigArgParse to 0.14.0

Update backports.ssl_match_hostname to

Update websocket_client to 0.56.0

Update mail_parser to 3.9.3

Update ipaddress to 1.0.23

Update ecdsa to 0.13.3

Update argcomplete to 1.11.0

Add importlib_metadata 1.3.0

Add zipp 0.6.0

Add more-itertools 8.2.0

Update humanfriendly to 4.18

Update PyMySQL to 0.9.3

Update XScreenSaver to 5.43

Update libestr to 0.1.11

Update rsyslog to 8.1907

Update jdcal to 1.4.1

Add subversion 1.12.2

Update libXrandr to 1.5.2

Update certifi to 2019.11.28

Update rdesktop to 1.8.6

Update tcsh to 6.21.00

Update tcl/tk to 8.6.10

Add adwaita-icon-theme 3.32.0

Update barman to 2.9

Update Django to 2.2.11

Remove Django 1.11

Add Django 3.0.4

Update reportlab to 3.5.34

Update pyxdg to 0.26

Update php to 7.2.28

Update openpyxl to 2.6.3

Update kiwisolver to 1.1.0

Update apache libcloud to 2.8.1

Update paramiko to 2.6.0

Update PyNaCl to 1.3.0

Update packaging-python to 19.2

Update pyparsing to 2.4.5

Update python futures 3.3.0

Update python future 0.18.2

Update requests to 2.22.0

Update wine to 3.0.5

Update pyasn1 to 0.4.8

Update pyasn1-modules to 0.2.8

Add perl 5.30.0 (will become default)

Update zabbix to 4.0.15

Deprecate Node.JS v4

Update opus to 1.3.1

Add opusfile 0.11

Add libopusenc 0.2.1

Add opus-tools 0.2

Update ncdu to 1.14.1

Update ClamAV to 0.102.0

Update agedu to 20190630.66cb14d

Add sox 14.4.2

Add Imagination 3.4

Update postgres to 11.7

Add postgres 12.2

Remove postgres 10

Update mousepad to 0.4.2

Update libXext to 1.3.4

Update Groovy to 2.5.10

Update httpie to 2.0.0

Update illumos-gcc to 7.3.0-il3

Update meson to 0.52.1

Update ninja to 1.9.0

Update aide to 0.16.2

Update tmux to 2.9

Update memconf to 3.15

Update memcached to 1.5.16

Update nano to 4.3

Update iso-codes to 4.3

Update nginx to 1.16.1

Update sqlite to 3.29.0

Update python-dateutil to 2.8.1

Update temBoard to 4.1

Update Go to 1.11.13 and 1.12.17

Add Go 1.13.8

Remove Go 1.10

Add Go 1.14

Update SQLAlchemy to 1.3.15

Update six to 1.13.0

Update apache httpd to 2.4.41

Update urllib3 to 1.25.7

Update Pgpool-II to 4.1.0

Update Node to 8.16.2

Update Pygments to 2.5.2

Update git to 2.23.0

Update tomcat to 8.5.51, 9.0.31

Update setuptools to 41.6.0

Update pip to 19.2.3

Update h2o to 2.2.6

Update viewres to 1.0.6

Update font-util to 1.3.2

Update pgbouncer to 1.12.0

Update Slony to 2.2.8

Add ZooKeeper 3.5.5

Update jruby to

Update jmespath to 0.9.5

Update s3transfer to 0.3.3

Update botocore to 1.15.11

Update boto3 to 1.12.11

Update awscli to 1.18.11

Update samba to 4.9.17

Update Ajqvue to 3.1

Update ruby to 2.5.7, 2.6.5

Update gnupg2 to 2.2.17

Update libgcrypt to 1.8.5

Update gpgme to 1.13.1

Update pycryptodome to 3.9.4

Update ant to 1.10.7

Add wtf 20190903

Update maven to 3.6.3

Update ImageJ to 1.5.2

Add Cython 0.29.15

Update Sphinx to 2.4.4

Update openssl to 1.0.2u

Update openssl 1.1 to 1.1.1d

Update pgBadger to 11.1

Update scala to 2.13.1

Update PySocks to 1.7.1

Update expat to 2.2.8

Update consul to 1.6.1

Update Pillow to 7.0.0

Update patroni to 1.6.3

Update stolon to 0.14.0

Update coredns to 1.6.3

Update pgFormatter to 4.1

Update unbound to 1.9.5

Update libXfixes to 5.0.3

Add V language

Update httplib2 to 0.14.0

Update fping to 4.2

Update mod_perl to 2.0.11

Update Suricata to 4.1.5

Update ActiveMQ to 5.15.11

Update citus to 9.0.1

Update OpenJDK 8u232

Update OpenJDK 8u242

Update OpenJDK 11.0.6

Add yarn 1.21.1

Update repmgr to 5.0.0

Update Python to 2.7.17

Update Python3 to 3.7.6

Add Python 3.8.1 (for testing only)

Update wfuzz to 2.4.4

Update psycopg2 to 2.8.4

Update sudo to 1.8.31

Add prometheus node exporter

Add prometheus bind exporter

Add prometheus nginx exporter

Add prometheus haproxy exporter

Update haproxy to 1.7.12

Update libXvMC to 1.0.12

Update file to 5.37

Add prometheus

Update psutil to 5.6.7

Update nikto

Update nmap to 7.80

Update commix to 3.0

Update Groonga to 9.0.9

Add PGroonga 2.2.2

Update pmd to 6.20.0

Update libidn2 to 2.3.0

Add pydot 1.4.1

Add principalmapper 1.0.1

Update python cryptography to 2.8

Update passlib to 1.7.2

Update jattack to 1.4.0

Update dehydrated to v0.6.5

Update pyOpenSSL to 19.1.0

Add python tld module

Add beautifulsoup4 and prerequisites soupsieve, html5lib, and webencodings

Add yaswfp 0.9.3

Add Mako 1.1.2

Add lxml 4.4.2

Add wapiti3 3.0.3

Add publicsuffix2 20191221

Add pyleri 1.3.2

Add timeout-decorator 0.4.1

Add checkdmarc 4.2.4

Add python regex 2020.2.20

Add dateparser 0.7.4

Add libmaxminddb 1.4.2

Add mailsuite 1.4.0

Add python maxminddb module

Add python geoip2 module

Add kafka-python 1.4.7

Add python elastic support

Add elasticsearch 6.8.6

Add parsedmarc 6.7.3

Add sqlmap 1.3.11

Update colorama to 0.4.3

Update simplejson to 3.17.0

Update minio server

Update minio client

Update terraform to 0.12.18

Update libXpm to 3.5.13

Update graudit to 2.3

Update spotbugs to 3.1.12

Add find-sec-bugs plugin to spotbugs

Update etcd

Update gogs to

Update Babel to 2.8.0

Update the CA bundle

Add ruby 2.7.0

Add OpenJDK 13

Add OpenJDK 14

Update links to 2.20.2

Update CDE to 2.3.2

Update rabbitmq to 3.7.18

Update ISC dhcp server to 4.4.2

Update fish to 3.0.2

Update ProjectLibre to 1.9.1

Add jtreg

Add Groovy 3.0.2

Update kotlin to 1.3.61

Add HexChat 2.14.3

Update Bucardo to 5.6.0

Update sqlparse to 0.3.1

Update google-auth to 1.11.2

Update google-api-python-client to 1.7.12

Add ansi2html 1.5.2

Update c-icap to 0.5.6 and modules 0.5.4

Update mkdocs to 1.1

Update Markdown to 3.2.1

Update mkdocs-material to 4.6.3

Add lunr 0.5.6

Add nltk 3.4.5

Update PyMdown Extensions to 6.3

Update asgiref to 3.2.5

Update borgbackup to 1.1.11


  1. For a moment I thought you retired developing this project, very big list of changes, but as I examined the page and blog, I couldn't help but ask myself:

    Why did you choose Apt instead of IPS? (I love Debian, but with IPS being the poster boy for Solaris 11, one asks itself what made you go with apt), what made you go with apt?.

    How can one man develop an entire OS for two different archs?. How do you manage the time, and plain simply, how the hell do you manage to no go mad in such a titanic task.

    Regarding the Sparc Version, just out of curiosity, don't take it as a order, what do you think a realistic ETA would be?. Are there any drivers for the XVR-2500?. In term of speed and security in comparison to non-contract vanilla Solaris 10 2013, how much better do you qualify Tribblix to be?.

    Pardon me if I sound like a FBI interrogatory and of course my bad English, and thanks a lot for your time and efforts, I am pretty sure you already know it, but you are the only one remaining (excluding the Debian ports and Illumos crew) that currently cares for Sparc these days, which is sad because these machines are for me are a exquisite pleasure to use and service, with nothing else to say, the best wishes for you and yours.

    1. Tribblix doesn't use Apt; it uses traditional Solaris SVR4 packaging. Why? It's there, and IPS is far too fragile, slow and resource intensive.

      Managing to do this is largely around setting priorities, and keeping the workflow as simple as possible.

      SPARC just takes longer. The systems are slower and it just takes much longer to do anything. Which means that I can't work on SPARC in odd moments, I have to wait for a significant window (the T5140 takes 30 minutes just to boot).

      There are essentially no open graphics drivers at all. You can use the Solaris 10 or OpenSXCE drivers, if you have them. The XVR-2500 didn't work for the one other person who's tried it, unfortunately (and I don't have access to one).

      Comparing Tribblix with Solaris 10: Solaris 10 is better if you really need to use graphics, because that's all closed source and nobody has done the work to create open drivers for illumos, while Tribblix is better if you want to build or develop software simply because Solaris 10 is so old that little current software will build on it.

    2. well, I can work around that buying a xvr 1200 or xvr 100, but just in case, if I send you a xvr 2500, could you be able to do something about that? (not as a boss ordering the employee, you take your time if you can do it and release it when you feel like it), apart the xvr 2500, what other components could help you to ease the process of building for Sparc? SSD's? RAM?

  2. Impressive work you're doing on the x86_64 version.

    So, ah... I recently acquired a T4-1 SPARC server and tried to install Tribblix on it. I got a well-known error relating to mpt_sas that you apparently fixed in 2019, but there hasn't been a release containing that fix yet.

    So far it seems like Oracle Solaris is the only thing I can get working on this machine. There's not much documentation on it other than what they provide, and all documentation written for anything other than Oracle Solaris seems geared to even older SPARC systems than this one (which is already 9 years old).

    Would I be wrong in guessing that I got too new a SPARC server to be able to use illumos at all? That's the feeling I'm starting to get...

  3. Hi Peter, I got [Connected to zone 'debian' console] only after zlogin -C debian and cannot proceed the debian installation. I checked the init.log, the last statement is INFO:root:Starting bhyve. Below is my configuration, could you provide some hints to my issue?

    zonename: debian
    zonepath: /zone/bhyve0
    brand: bhyve
    autoboot: false
    ip-type: exclusive
    dir: /rpool/iso/debian-bullseye-DI-alpha2-amd64-netinst.iso
    special: /export/home/shuryanc/Downloads/debian-bullseye-DI-alpha2-amd64-netinst.iso
    raw not specified
    type: lofs
    options: [ro,nodevices]
    address not specified
    allowed-address not specified
    defrouter not specified
    global-nic not specified
    mac-addr not specified
    physical: bhyve0
    vlan-id not specified
    match: /dev/zvol/rdsk/rpool/bhyve0
    name: acpi
    type: string
    value: off
    name: bootrom
    type: string
    value: BHYVE_RELEASE
    name: vnc
    type: string
    value: on
    name: cdrom
    type: string
    value: /rpool/iso/debian-bullseye-DI-alpha2-amd64-netinst.iso
    name: bootdisk
    type: string
    value: rpool/bhyve0

    1. I would regard byhve in m22 as rather unfinished. I did manage to get a couple of things to boot, but I'm hoping that when I (shortly) release m23, it'll be far more mature.