Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Changes in 0m31 prerelease

MATE updated to 1.26 (detailed updates below)

Default postgres is now v15

Default python is now 3.11

OpenSSH is now 8.9p1 - will go to 9.x in the next release
TRIBnet-ssh-ssh-key and ssh-keysign have been removed

Update JRuby to

Update VLC to 3.0.18

Update go to 1.19.10, 1.20.5

Remove go 1.17

Update Xapian to 1.4.22

Add xorriso 1.5.4.pl02

Update links to 2.29

Update lynx to 2.9.0dev.12

Add wget2 2.0.1

Update spectrum fuse to 1.5.7

Update mtr to 0.94

Update pidgin to 2.4.12

Update git to 2.40.1

Update sudo to 1.9.13p3

Add iftop 0.17

Add pioneers 15.6

Add geeqie 2.0.1

Update xcalc to 1.1.2

Teach gnutls to find the certificate store

Update pgbouncer to 1.19.1

Update atril to 1.26.1

Update engrampa to 1.26.1

Update caja to 1.26.1

Update eom to 1.26.0

Update mate-terminal to 1.26.0

Update mate-media to 1.26.0

Update mate-desktop to 1.26.1

Update mate-common to 1.26.0

Update libmatemixer to 1.26.0

Update mate-control-center to 1.26.0

Update mate-session to 1.26.1

Update luit, switch to Thomas Dickey's fork

Update mawk to 1.3.4-20230404

Update marco to 1.26.2

Deprecate mcross, broken with python3.11

Add moonlander

Update mate-panel to 1.26.3

Update mate-menus to 1.26.0

Update mate-icon-theme to 1.26.0

Update zathura to 0.5.2

Update slang to 2.3.3

Update jed to pre0.99.20-179

Update mutt to 2.2.10

Update gnu parallel to 20230422

Update rsync to 3.2.7

Update vultr-cli to 2.16.2

Update rclone to v1.62.2

Update fzf to 0.40.0

Update xf86-input-mouse to 1.9.5

Update xf86-video-savage to 2.4.0

Update maven to 3.8.8, 3.9.2

Deprecated libXp, as all consumers have been rebuilt to not use it

Update Groovy to 3.0.18, 4.0.13

Update JKstat to 1.4.0

Add pizarra 1.7.4

Restore log4cplus

Add gtksourceview4

Update pluma to 1.26.0

Update PostgreSQL to 13.11, 15.3

Update PHP to 8.1.21

Update coredns to 1.10.1

Update s5cmd to v2.1.0-beta.1

Update varnish to 6.0.11

Add Xantfarm

Add Xphoon

Update unbound to 1.17.1

Update tree to 2.1.0

Update mousepad to 0.6.1

Update plan9port

Update Pale Moon to 32.2.1

Fully updated ffmpeg to 4.4.2

Update LibVNCServer to 0.9.14

Update tomcat to 10.1.10, 8.5.90, 9.0.76

Update pgpool-II to 4.2.13

Update pg_activity to 3.4.2

Update SCons to 4.5.2

Update Barman to 3.5.0

Update s3cmd to 2.3.0

Update commix to 3.7

Update rust to 1.69.0

Update datamash to 1.8

Update libSDL2 to 2.26.5

Add SDL2_gfx 1.0.4

Add SDL2_Pango 2.1.5

Add libimagequant 2.18.0

Add tuxpaint 0.9.30

Update freecol to 1.1.0

Update openssl3 to 3.0.9

Update openssl to 1.1.1u

Update the CA bundle

Update ristretto to 0.13.1

Update irssi to 1.4.4

Update tmux to 3.3a

Update libpciaccess to 0.17

Update xscope to 1.4.4

Update xwd to 1.0.9

Update pdsh to 2.34

Update duviz to 3.2.0

Update vim to 9.0

Update p7zip to 16.02

Update x11vnc

Update samba to 4.18.3

Update gnumeric to 1.12.55

Update goffice to 0.10.55

Update MediaInfo to 23.04

Update libcares to 1.19.1

Update wireshark to 3.6.14

Update minio client

Update terraform to 1.4.6

Update etcd

Update OpenTelemetry collector 0.79.0

Update stolon

Update consul to v1.15.3

Update seaweedfs to 3.52

Update prometheus haproxy exporter to 0.15.0

Update prometheus bind exporter to 0.6.1

Update nginx prometheus exporter to 0.11.0

Update prometheus node_exporter to 1.6.0

Update restic to 0.15.2

Update cli53 to 0.8.22

Add zfs stats to top

Update loki to 2.8.2

Update prometheus to 2.37.8

Update gitleaks to v8.16.4

Package openjdk21

Fix SIGSEGV warnings in jdk16

Update Xvnc to 1.16.4, and enable glx

Add mesa-demos 8.5.0

Update fzf to 0.41.1

Update osv-scanner to 1.3.4

Update bind to 9.18.15

Update bluefish to 2.2.14

Update Python to 3.7.17, 3.9.17, 3.11.4

Add FontForge

Update citus to v11.3.0

Update gnucobol to 3.1.2

Update Node.js to v16.20.1, v18.16.1, v20.3.1

Default Node.js is now v18

Update EFL to 1.20.7

Update terminology to 1.7.0

Update enlightenment to 0.21.11

Update Zint to 2.12.0

Update scala to 2.13.11, 3.3.0

Update suricata to 5.0.9

Update diffutils to 3.10

Update gawk to 5.2.2

Update wget to 1.21.4

Update ggrep to 3.11

Add AXPbox

Update sqlmap to 1.7

Update Barman to 3.6.0

Update botocore to 1.29.165, boto3 to 1.26.165, awscli to 1.27.16

Update cabextract to 1.11

Update ActiveMQ to 5.17.5

Update nmap to 7.94

Update mercurial to 6.4.5

Update prowler to 2.12.1

Update nano to 6.4

Update libxcb to 1.15, and update other xcb components

Update libpng to 1.6.40

Update kotlin to 1.9.0

Update NEdit to 5.7

Update gtkmm to 3.24.7

Update cairo to 1.16.0

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  1. Can we get a GTK+2 version of Palemoon as well? I really enjoy tribblix but Palemoon's the only option for a GUI X11 web browser and the GTK+3 version is mostly unthemable.